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Some more websites for good free games

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Earlier I talked about about the free downloadable game Penumbra which I discovered through, but since then I’ve come across some more pages with good overviews of the free/freeware gaming market. And I don’t mean those crappy Java Tetris clones, but games which are worth a try because of their original approach and effort. Here’s a short list, I’ll keep this updated and if you have any additions just post ’em in the comments.

About: Good thing about this page is the fact that they keep reviews of the games posted. So if a game is really bad, you don’t have to download it first and go through the annoyance of installing and uninstalling. Which is a big plus for this GameHippo over the other websites.

About: The website I check first if I’m looking for a freeware game. Every big release by an indie is on there, a must-bookmark. Hands down.

Home of the Underdogs
About: Although not packed with new releases in freewareland, Home of the Underdogs provides the best of abandonware games. Games from the beginning of videogaming (text adventures), the first 3D shooters, and everything in between. Older games can give you a whole new perspective on gaming in ways of convention, narrative. Retrogaming is cool!

About: Nice website with some good games. Skip through the more than 50 pages of free games and there should be something you like.

Planet Freeplay
About: Added by recommendation, and I must say I enjoyed this website very much. It’s got interviews (check out the interview with the guys from Penumbra), podcasts, messagebaords and two good gameslists. One for online games and one for freeware games, with a total of (as I write this) around 1400 games you can definitely find something here.

Runtime Entertainment
About: A website dedicated to posting high quality freeware games. Or as the about section mentions: “The number of freeware games increases every day and often you can’t cope with the huge amount of titles you find when you are googling.” That does sound very familiar when you’re looking for freeware games on the web. Runtime also offers reviews on freeware games, and for gamecreators of freeware games an application form.

About: Not the best, but definitely worth a check if some of the other websites don’t have anything new. I saw a game called Babylon V: I’ve Found Her and tried it, it’s a tough but beautiful game. Definitely worth a try.

About: Well, who doesn’t know Wikipedia? And some people are working on a freeware games list, so why not check it out? It’s good, but still a bit small. So if you have a freeware game that should be added to Wikipedia, don’t be a stranger.


Penumbra: Good free games still exist

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Penumbra is a game developed by Frictional Games, and you just have to play it. Download it for free at Frictional Games.

What is so good about Penumbra? Well I’ve not seen a narrative like this in a virtual world before, it’s original and fresh. As I’ve read on some of the Frictional Games messageboards the level of immersion is great. And that for a free game that has some very nice graphics, which are coming from a 3D engine which the studio developed by itself. Another great thing is that it is a FP game, but not with a lot of shooting. Just a truckload of suspense. Check out the trailer for yourself here:

So good free games still exist! I often check the Full Games section at Gamershell to find some very nice games. This way I discovered Warrock, a Battlefield 2 styled FPS which was in Beta testing a while ago but will be back on the 14th of July. But also a nice RPG called The Spirit Engine. Both games are very addictive, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you! Free games can be surprisingly good and they give a fresh perspective on the gaming industry that seems to be stuck in more of the same, already at the beginning of its existence.

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July 13, 2006 at 12:17 pm